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TM-FLEX Magnetic Removable Print Surface (Double Sided - PEI/Powder Coated)

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Now featuring our Double Side PEI/Powder Coated TM Flex System

Smooth PEI on one side, and textured powder coated surface on the other. 

This comes with a magnetic sheet to affix to your build platform and PEI is pre-applied to the spring steel sheet. 

Find your size below


  • 165*165 
    • Fits Ender 2 
  • 220*220 (Corners Cut)
    • Fits Anet A8, Ultimaker 1 and 2 and 3 , Wanhao Duplicator 6 and Duplicator i3, , MonoPrice Maker Select Plus 
    • 310*320
      • Fits Creality CR-10S PRO, CR-X , CR-10 V2

    More sizes coming soon!


      If printing with PETG/TPU on the smooth PEI, use of PVA glue (glue stick) between the print and the print surface is necessary to prevent damage to the PEI. The textured powder coated side offers more durability when printing PETG/TPU. 

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