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Keenovo Heated Bed Upgrade for CR-10-S5 110V

Regular price $235.00

Please note that this a custom ordered item. Expected shipping time is two weeks.

This is for a 110V heater. If you need a 220V version please leave a note in the cart section or reference your order in an email. 

We are now only shipping the new style for all orders because it will work for both styles. 

New Style

This heated bed upgrade is from Keenovo and features full 500x500mm heating and runs on 120VAC. It plugs directly into your wall outlet and is standalone from the 3d printer. Bed heater must be disabled in the firmware.

Picture is not actual heater (actual one is 20x20 and 1300 watt with necessary holes for your model. Be sure to choose the correct version!

**NOTE** We have changed to a full zone heater after determining that heating the center sections causes the bed to bow.