300 SUPER+ 3D Printer
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300 SUPER+ 3D Printer

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The 300 SUPER + has an All Metal Frame, Auto Level and a Heated Print Bed. It is a great all-in-one package that gives you the versatility and reliability you expect! 

300 SUPER+ 3D printers are a new package we are selling starting over the Black Friday weekend 2018. If it goes well, it might become standard for all our CR series machines!  We start out with the popular CR-10S and supercharge it! We build and test each one in Houston, TX and shipping is free to Mainland USA ONLY. Otherwise, we are limited to Mexico and Canada

NOTE: Pictures are for reference and small improvements are always being made. 

  • Amazing build volume! 300x300x400mm (12x12x16in.)
  • Dual Lead Screw design will stabilize the printer on larger, tall prints
  • Reliable Filament Sensor will alert you when the filament has ran out or broken
  • Genuine Antclabs BL Touch Probe
  • Polypropylene Build Plate
  • EZRSTRUDER from SeeMeCNC allows for flexible filaments and easy filament loading
  • High Temperature PTFE tubing and Silicone Sock are Standard Equipment
  • 3D Prints PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, TPU, EVEN Ninjaflex •note ABS and PC may require enclosure and Ninjaflex has to be printed SLOWLY
  • The 300 SUPER + offers a SD card reader and USB connectivity
  • Compatible with Simplify3d, Cura, Slic3r and Repetier Host software
  • Micro-Swiss 0.6mm nozzle standard 
  • Stepper Motor Dampers on X and Y are  Standard Equipment
  • All tools needed for assembly are included
  • Some assembly required but it is simple and suitable for "Newbies"
  • Includes a spare parts bundle
  • Temperature: Suggested high of 260º (nozzle) 80º (bed)
  • Start printing in an hour!

All the common upgrades are now standard equipment and outlined below:

  1. BL Touch Probe for Auto Leveling for a consistent first layer
  2. EZRSTRUDER extruder system allow for better filament control
  3. High Temperature PTFE allows for printing most filaments (up to 260º)
  4. MIcro Swiss 0.6mm Plated Nozzle allows for faster printing, still with precision
  5. Polypropylene Build Plate instead of glass. It's flatter and more versatile 
  6. Stepper Dampers on X and Y for quieter operation with no loss in quality
  7. Upgraded Filament Sensor for more reliability

Note:  This 3D Printer is mostly assembled, no soldering required. You will just need to connect the upper and lower frame together and plug in some connections. 

Weight and Size


Product weight 10.3 kg

Package weight 13.4 kg

Package size: 54x64x31cm (21.26x25.2x12.2 inches)

Total Occupied Area (including control box)

The machine would fit into and function in a 24.5x26x24" box.


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