Creality 10S Pro Modified Extruder Lever
Tiny Machines 3D LLC

Creality 10S Pro Modified Extruder Lever

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We have received reports of wear on the extruder lever on the CR-10S Pro and CR-10 MAX machines.

More Information on the issue.

This product page is for those that want to buy a modified lever without sending their old one in first. If you would instead like to take part in our exchange program, please visit this page.  

If you purchased your CR-10S PRO from Tiny Machines 3D and have experienced wear, please email us at for further instructions. Machines shipped from August 1, 2019 on will not need this modification.

Please allow 2-3 days of processing time on this item. 

Included in a modified lever kit:

  • 1 Lever Arm, machined and matched to:
  • 1 (possibly 2) brass washers with high pressure grease
  • 1" x 1" 320 grit emery paper to smooth out both sides of idler gear
  • QR code linked to instructions

*Gear and shoulder bolt not included