We want everyone to understand that we focus our efforts on giving our customers the best product possible. That means including all the features that make operation easier and safer. To do this, we need to retrofit a 12864 LCD to the Creality CR-X. We do not plan for this to be permanent! In fact, we love the idea of the touchscreen but currently, it lacks support for adding the functions we depend on.

As stock, the CR-X DOES NOT have thermal protection features that we prioritize. For usability, it lacks babystepping and other leveling assistants that we install on all our machines. To help you get the best working machine and at no extra charge, we are including:

  • 1 LCD mounted into a printed stand
  • 2, 70cm LCD cables (preinstalled, so you don't have to open the machine) 
  • FIrmware installed so you can just plug the LCD in and start your journey!


Furthermore, in order to stay GPL compliant, we are making the source code available. That will be located HERE once it's finalized. While several companies do not follow these rules, we go out of our way to do so. Also, touchscreens are usually secondary devices and lack the features of native displays. 

We will work in house to get the touchscreen working with the newest features available. Once that is done, we will send out instructions and firmware to include the touchscreen interface. The additional touchscreen will still be used for features that the touchscreen cannot.

Stock Hex File can be found HERE