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60mm Motor with End Stop
Direct Drive Kit for Vivedino TroodonDirect Drive Kit for Vivedino Troodon
Formbot HeaterFormbot Heater
Vivedino Formbot Heater
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Formbot Thermistor
Raptor 1 Hot EndRaptor 1 Hot End
Raptor 1 Hot End PCBRaptor 1 Hot End PCB
Raptor 2 All-Metal Hot End
Raptor 2 Hot End
Raptor 2 Hot End PCB
TREX 3  Hot End
TREX 3 All-Metal Hot End
TREX2+  Hot EndTREX2+  Hot End
TREX2+ Hot End PCB (Right)TREX2+ Hot End PCB (Right)
TREX2+ Quick Change Hot EndTREX2+ Quick Change Hot End
Vivedino Troodon Core XY 3D PrinterVivedino Troodon Core XY 3D Printer

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