TM-FLEX - Magnetic Print Surface with PEI
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TM-FLEX - Magnetic Print Surface with PEI

Regular price $18.99

We have a limited quantity of cosmetically damaged plates that are selling at a discount available here

In addition to those we have a few left of our Double Sided PEI/Powder Coated plates available here

Also available upon request are spring steel sheets (NO PEI) in many sizes.

Find your size below

Comes with a magnetic sheet to affix to your build platform and PEI is pre-applied to the spring steel sheet. 


  • 235*235
    • Fits Creality CR-20/CR-20 PRO, Ender 3/4/5 
  • 310*310 
    • Fits Creality CR-10S, Creality CR-10, Evnovo/Artillery Sidewinder X1, JG Aurora A5 series, Wanhao D9(300), Tevo Black Widow 
  • 310*320
    • Fits Creality CR-10S PRO, CR-X , CR-10 V2
  • 410*410
    • Fits Creality CR-10-S4, Vivedino/Formbot T REX 2/2+/3 and Raptor 1/2, gCreate gMax, Anycubic Chiron
  • 420*420
    • Fits Hieha/Mamorubot SX4
  • 470*470
    • Fits Creality CR-10 MAX
  •  510*510
    • Fits Creality CR-10-S5          

If printing with PETG, use of PVA glue (glue stick) between the print and the print surface is necessary to prevent damage to the PEI. 

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